Multi-room audio with Raspberry Pi

In this article I will explain how to set up a multi-room audio streaming system based on Apple iDevices, cheap Raspberry Pi players and any computer (either Linux, Windows or Mac). You will be able to do the following:

  1. Send sound from any app on your iPhone or iPad to any speaker in your home.
  2. Use your iPhone or iPad to control synchronised multi-room music - without your mobile device needing to stay connected.
  3. Play music from your PC/server on your iPhone or iPad.


FrSky receiver feature chart

For posterity, some details about the current range of FrSky ACCST receivers. Last updated 15th April 2018.


Cross compiled interceptty for AR.Drone

I cross-compiled the interceptty tool for the AR.Drone 2.0 for messing around with a GPS receiver, here's the binary:

ReadyNAS Duo ffmpeg and mkvtoolnix

A while back I cross-compiled the ffmpeg and mkvtoolnix packages for my ReadyNas Duo. I have the v1 version, which is a SPARC architecture NAS device running Linux. The details of this are here. Since I was asked for the binaries, I have uploaded them here (tar.gz, 9.8 MB).

To extract:

tar -xzf readynas-ffmpeg-mkvtoolnix.tar.gz

Sky provide lovin' for YouView

Following the announcement of YouView, it now appears that Sky have changed their minds somewhat of the project. It looks like NowTV, Sky's soon-to-be-launched Catchup TV service, will be among the first "non partner" content producers. Presumably, NowTV will use the same content delivery platform, initially launching with movies and later expanding to sports and entertainment.

YouView Announced

Finally, the official announcement of YouView: the new website has gone live today.

Raspberry Pi round 1

I came home last week to a Raspberry Pi waiting for me. Work, family visits and a bout of illnes means I only managed to take a peek, that is until yesterday evening. I rummaged around in the bits box for a £1.50 HDMI cable, a micro USB cable and a wireless USB keyboard. Then I set about giving it a quick go.

The Future of Science Communication?

Today I read an article in Nature Climate Change that I found rather thought provoking. It reports the findings of a social psychology study into the effects of science cognition on perceived climate change risk, and it had some very interesting results.

Humax Sky Player still on the cards

Archiving decrypted Humax T2 recordings via CIFS



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